Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

Experience is the best teacher. Everyone learns a lesson from their experience. Special people only get experience from others lesson too. Life is a mixture of good and bad, happiness and sorrow, positive and negative. We need to face all the criteria in different circumstances. After facing this kind of situation how we withstand ourselves matters a lot.

Success Strategies

Comparision with anyone will pull you down. Compare yourself, it means to compare your ability, your strengths, your skills. Don’t compare with others. Criticism is something very bad. Don’t imagine what other people will think about you. They have their own work to do with. You’re simply awesome.

If people are not talking to you, don’t get dejected. Forget these things and remember that you are incredible and Improve your skills, develop your knowledge, Put hard work on developing new ideas and make you a smart person. If you have a new idea, then write a blog or start a business or write an article. The Statistics says 75% of people fail because of the market need is less.

Some questions most of them will have,

  1.  What is a success means?
  2.  How to lead a successful life?
  3.  Why few people get success others can’t?
  4. What is the secret formula for success?

All the great people didn’t get the success straight away. They faced problems like they were fired and rejected in many places but they push them hard to the goal. Finally, they succeed. Those people were successful and well know in their respective fields. They didn’t listen to other and get discouraged. The success people don’t do different things, they do things differently.

A Great Motivational Speech

Most of the people in this world think without hard work, success should come. Nobody likes to face failure. Few people think that a good bank balance, beautiful life partner, a grandeur car and a big house means the success. But some people have good bank balance but they have a break-up. Is this a real success?

A successful life is one who has good health, a proper relationship that lasts long, a gradual career growth and at last wealth. These are the four pillars of a successful life.

I am going to share a story. A boy at the age of 15, he lost his father. Then he reached 25, he lost his mother too. He has a sister, but he is ill due to depression and shock. He works hard and hard to develop his family. He became an Actor on Bollywood. Because of his hard work and determination, he becomes one of the notable actor in Bollywood. He is none other than “Shahrukh Khan“. He says ‘The only cure to remove his sadness was to keep on working’.

Some Motivational Quotes

  • Trust your abilities. Have confidence in your power.
  • Beleive in you so that you can able to believe others.
  • Avoid fear and insecurity on trying new things and be kind to others even if you don’t like them.
  • Beauty doesn’t always count. The attitude really matters.
  • Take a challenge, conquer the fear and dig deep within yourself. Then keep going.
  • Love what you want to do. Listen to yourself.
  • You need to select a target. Beleive yourself, Challenge yourself, Push yourself towards the target and never give up. Finally, you’ll succeed.
  • Everyone in the world is special and unique. Everyone has different kinds of stuff. So everyone is awesome.
  • People won’t look up where you come from or what is your lifestyle. Success will speak everything on your behalf.
  • Don’t let you dream go down. Push hard and believe in yourself.


If you check all the background of the successful person, you will find that they achieved this place after overcoming a lot of challenges and struggles in life. Don’t give up your dream. If you think you are giving up, then push yourself for a day, another day, another month and a year, then see the fruitful success.

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