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“Time is precious”. We all get the same 24 hours, then how some people achieve more in their life? The answer is good Time Management. Everyone likes to manage their time effectively, but here crops the question, How do I manage my time effectively? Here are some tips which will help you manage your time.

Tip -1 – Create a To Do list

Each of us needs to have a clear idea of our personal tasks. Everyone has some work to do in their regular life. Create a “To Do” list. Each task will differ according to its nature of work and we won’t spent the same time limit for all the task. So check which task should be done first.

Tip -2 – Prioritize your work

With a clear personal mission and objectives, time can be scheduled for the task, on a daily basis or Weekly basis. Rate each task.

  • Rate each task as “Important” or “Less Important”.
  • Rate each task as “Urgent” or “Not Urgent”.
  • Put the “Important/Urgent” and “Important/Not Urgent” tasks in your first schedule.
  • Schedule a deadline for each activity and use your time efficiently.
  • “Less Important” tasks can be completed in your remaining time.

Tip -3  – Priority Matrix

Draw a Priority Matrix and write down the urgent and Important task. The Action that needs to be done with High Importance and High urgency “Do First”, High importance Low Urgency “Do Next”, Low Importance High Urgency “Do Later”and Low Importance Low Urgency “Don’t Do”.

Many of us don’t know the difference between urgent task and important work. Here is an example

  • Answering the phone – Urgent
  • Going to the dentist regularly is important – Important
  • Picking your children up from school – Both Urgent and Important.
  • Reading funny emails – Is neither urgent nor important.

Tip – 4 – Maintain a work log

Maintain a work log to record all the task on daily basis. Check the time consumed for each and every task. There are many Time management app that can help to record your work on a daily basis or use a worksheet to manage your time. Check which task has consumed more time. Is the time spent on the particular task is worthy? Analyze the status of the work, did the work got over or still in pending.

Tip – 5 – Research & Planning

Allot some time for planning and research. In a good Time Management planning and research are crucial. Planning is an easy task but following the plan is very difficult. Make a weekly plan and give a deadline.

  • Take time to research new information and plan how you are going to use it.
  • Find out the job, which occupies the maximum time and examine the workflow. If it is a big project. Break them into pieces.
  • Use the first 30 minutes of your day to create a daily to-do list that suits your weekly plan.
  • Most of us find our first hour of the work the most productive. So complete your most important and demanding tasks first in the morning.
  • Consider Pareto’s law as it applies to your personal productivity–20% of the work produces 80% of the results.

Tip – 6 – Keep your workspace organized

  • Making the place clean will improve your motivation and positive thoughts. If the workplace is not clean, then you won’t get stuck up anywhere.
  •  Keep your workspace organized, put things where they belong. So that time isn’t wasted on searching for them.
  • Stand up! When you’re in the middle of a task and someone comes to see you stand to greet them and remain standing. “Stand up meetings” are also a way to keep meetings short.


The process of planning and organizing how to divide your time between specific activities. Failing to manage your time effectively can have some undesirable consequences. Finally spending a little time learning about time-management tips will help you to achieve in your career.

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How To Prepare Your Mind To Achieve Big Goals

It is a fact that we all have a goal in our life. All goals begin in our heads: as dreams, wishes, and ambitions. We all dream of completing the goals without thinking we are capable of or not. Many people turning their dreams into reality, but not everyone. The process of working towards a goal involves more mental and physical ability. So we can analyze how to prepare your mind to achieve big goals.

To Achieve a Big Goal, Success Mind Set is important

“If I had success in few things, So I got the success mindset?” the answer is NO. A Success mindset is an “Inside Job” that everyone should work on. To have a successful mindset in life, one should have a lifetime goal. Consider your mind as your “Mental gym”. As like physical gym, you should work out on your muscles. It requires your attention and attendance for the consistent and increased result.

“Poverty is not an absence of money and think – it is a mindset. Prosperity is not an abundance of money and think – it is a mindset.” – Randy Gage

Great Lesson – Control on yourself

  • Start listening to your thoughts and words. To achieve a big goal, you need to know what needs to be upgraded to your “mental library”.
  • The biggest obstacle to f achieving a bigger goal is, we need to do everything with consciousness and, belief.
  • Don’t limit yourself, Example – “I can’t become rich”. Don’t have negative thoughts. Reprogram yourself. Whenever you think you limit yourself, then challenge yourself and replace the thought.
  • Learn to reprogram yourself by psycho-cybernetics techniques. It helps to reprogram your thoughts for success.
  • Practice meditation and learn to change your belief and desire. Meditation is a most powerful technique to control your mind.
  • Take care of your physical health. Eat healthy foods that have more proteins and minerals. Avoid toxic food, drinks, thoughts, and behavior. Get away from the TV, the majority of the programs are negative. It will decrease your creativity.

Boost Up your Self Confidence

  • Self-confidence is an essential key to a successful and effective way of life. A person who is having a self-confidence will always be a center of attraction. Those people can accomplish their goal easily. If you really wish to perform well in your life, you have to boost up your self-confidence level.
  • Self-confidence can be found in people who possess a strong self-esteem. To develop your personal value, scribble down your achievement each day. You may be astonished to know how many positive works you have executed every day.

Action Planning

  • Be aware of your goals. Split your aim into small and make it more convenient. Whenever you complete a small task, encourage yourself. It will improve your confidence level and it will lead to achieving the bigger goal.
  • Focus your ideas and decide what step you need to take to achieve goals. The mini action plan will help you to organize effectively. Start your plan now, not tomorrow. Don’t do long time planning, it is a way of procrastinating.


Pursuing happiness without clearly defined goals can actually make us more unhappy due to unrealistic expectations. Focus on your ideas and decide what steps need to be taken to achieve the particular goal.